By on October 16, 2018

How do you describe hungry? “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” One man said, “The best sauce in the world is a hungry stomach!” Or, worse yet, as our daughter Amy said years ago, I’m so hungry, I could eat school cafeteria food!”

When you’re truly hungry, all you can think about is satisfying that hunger. That’s why Jesus said that to be desperately hungry for God is a very special blessing. See, if you were famished for God and starving for a touch from Him, think how you’d live!

You’d be praying and fellowshipping with Him, seeking His plans for you first thing in the morning. Excitedly, you’d break open His Word, your Bible, searching for a tidbit of spiritual food. If the Holy Spirit gave you a particular verse or promise, you’d savor it, feed on it and it would be your meditation and strength all day long.

When you become desperately hungry for God, you long for the next service at the House of God, and for fellowship from his people. One or two services each week aren’t enough for the hungry disciple! No, you want to more, MUCH MORE!

“Righteousness” means right direction, or “going in the direction of right”. It’s from the Anglo-Saxon “right wiseness” meaning “right-direction.” So, when you’re hungering and thirsting for God’s right direction in your life, Jesus says you’re a blessed one, and that God’s right directions shall fill you up!

You’ll have God’s right direction in your mind. You’ll have God’s right direction in your spirit and soul. You’ll have God’s right direction in school or on the job. Your life will be filled with God’s right direction. Every area of your life will be going His way!

God is a God Who operates in EVERY area of life for the person who hungers and thirsts. When Moses met God at the burning bush in Exodus 3:14, he was curious as to just what God in a devotional way. Now God was talking with Moses about liberating the children of Israel from their enslavement to the Egyptians.

Moses asked God, “What shall I tell people when they want to know who You are?” God said, “I AM THAT I AM.” That’s what you need to tell the children of Israel. Tell them I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I’ll ALWAYS be I AM THAT I AM.”

What’s I AM THAT I AM mean? It actually means, “ I AM what you need Me to be when you need Me to be it.” Whatever your need is, God is the God Who can meet it.

When you were hungry for God, you prayed that prayer, “Lord Jesus, come into my life and live in me,” He HEARD that prayer, and came in. Now, He dwells on the INSIDE of you! There’s nothing on earth greater than the Holy Spirit living on the inside of everyday people, people like you and me. That’s what Colossians 1:27 means, when it talks about “Christ IN you, the hope of glory.”

The Holy Spirit comes in and fills ALL who are hungry for God. Your filling depends upon your hunger. That’s why many Christians are no longer hungry! Proverbs 27:7 puts it like this: “The full soul loatheth the honeycomb; but to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet.”

In other words, when you’re full of self, pride or carnality, you have no appetite for even Jesus, as sweet as He is. On the other hand, if you are hungry for Him, even if He WASN’T so good, you’d desire Him to fill you completely!

How come some people get filled mightily and others just get a “so-so” experience with the Lord? Those who are starving for God get mightily filled!

The major work of the Holy Spirit is to work in people’s lives, to prepare you for the moves of God on your soul. His work is to put you into a strong hunger, so you’ll cry out to God for Him to fill you up with His presence.

God’s moving in your spirit have more to do with your heart-cry than it does with your education, track record or anything else. When you’re desperate for the manifestation of God in your life. He will come in answer to your heart’s cry.

When does Jesus move on you? When will He move next? The answer is really simple: He will move on you mightily and when nothing else, no one else will do. There has to be an overwhelming hunger in your heart so you pray in a way you haven’t prayed before. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (there’s that word again) availeth much (James 5:16)”.

When your spirit is fervent, when it’s crying out to the point that your prayer MOVES YOU, it begins to move God.

That’s why spiritual people throughout history have turned to fasting for the power of God. In Daniel chapter 9, he stirred up such a tremendous hungering in his soul that he brought deliverance for the entire nation. He fasted and prayed in sackcloth for God to bring deliverance.

David became known as a man after God’s own heart, due NOT to what a perfect person he was. No, it was his hunger for GOD that earned him that special relationship. He said in Psalm 84:2, “My heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God!” when your heart and flesh cries out for the living God, He’ll rush in and fill you fully!

When the number one desire of your soul is to be filled with God, when that’s the supreme urgency of your soul, and you’re reaching out to God, crying out for Him to answer – He will pour out His power from on high into your heart like He did in days of old.

When does a hunger like this come? When you’ve discovered that the arm of the flesh will fail you. That’s one time that you’ll seek God with your whole heart. When you get to the place where you stop depending on man, you’re at the place where you can throw yourself into the presence of God!
When does a hunger like this come? When you’ve discovered that the arm of the flesh will fail you. That’s one time that you’ll seek God with your whole heart. When you get to the place where you stop depending on man, you’re at the place where you can throw yourself into the presence of God!
Even if you’re far away from God, I can tell you this: Let the emptiness of your heart cry out for God to fill you up, and He’ll quickly be on hand to answer your cry.

You might have a besetting sin that keeps coming back and coming back, no matter what you do or how you pray. Maybe you’ve even made vows and promises to God that you’ll do better – only to fall into the same trap over and over again.

I want to tell you that all the promises and self-discipline in the world can’t help you or deliver you. Not once that behavior has gone deeply into you. What you need is for God to send His Spirit in the depths of your being, find the real difficulty and then destroy its power in you. God promises you this in Jeremiah 33:3. “Call unto Me, and I WILL answer you, shew you great and mighty things, which you have never experienced.”

That’s what you need. That’s what we ALL need: to have God increase our hunger for Him until we call out to Him to fill us! Jesus said, “Blessed are they which do hunger.” Pray to get hungry!

Isn’t this what your soul is asking for? Are you hungry with a divine hunger? If you are, God has bound Himself to answer you!


By on October 9, 2018

We’ve been talking about the harvest fields of God, and how Jesus told us to pray to the Lord of the harvest. Specifically, to pray that God would send forth laborers into His harvest. There are so many people who are searching for the kinds of answers that you and I have found in Jesus.

But, guess what? You can’t just go into the harvest fields at your leisure. It’s not something that you can keep putting off until there’s nothing else left to do. No, just like in the natural, there’s a time when it’s right to harvest, there’s also a time when it’s too late to harvest. The crops have gone bad, and are no longer able to be harvested.

I believe that the crop of humanity in America has almost been left too long. The church has been caught up in programs, fund raising and other side issues. Meanwhile, the collective consciences of America have gotten so seared.

Jeremiah in chapter 8:20 says that his people had gotten the same way. Then he said, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” They had gone beyond the point of God sending laborers forth into the harvest. The people were so deceived and hardened that they couldn’t respond to anything good anymore. They had no consciences left to deal with, and their hearts were too hardened to feel the love of God.

The harvest is a particular, limited and specific time. Jesus told us in John 4:35 not to think we could just go out there and be used to win souls at any time. He said, “Say not ye, ‘There are yet four months, and then cometh the harvest.’ I say unto you, lift your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already unto harvest.”

Don’t think you can wait four months and then obey God when you have finished serving yourself. By then, you will have run out of time, and your harvest will be lost.

When are the special times of harvest? First of all, when children are very young. That’s why there’s such a need for Christians to respond to the Spirit’s call for Sunday School teachers and children’s workers. The little children WANT to come to Jesus. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto Me. (Matthew 19:14).” But how can they come, if the adults are too busy or too preoccupied with their own lives to give a few minutes each week for the children?

Another harvest is the teenage time period. This is when kids are most open to changing, to being influenced and when they’re searching for their own identities. They’re insecure and NEED strong role models and people who they can talk to and who will listen.

Teenagers need the close personal contact of Christian friends who really care about them. Fortunately, a handful of caring adults have made themselves available to the teens here, to help them in their walks with the Lord. And, sadly, other adults just don’t have the (consecrated) time or the spiritual interest to actually get in the trenches with the kids and help them fight for their souls.

Then, there’s the harvest that comes during times of crisis. Times when people are sick, laid off the job, had a death in the family or some other jolt in their lives. What happens to these people? Usually, God’s people are too busy doing their own thing, and these people just slip through the cracks, never to be saved.

How about the harvest at times of happiness? When there’s a marriage in the family, a job promotion, moving to a new neighborhood, or a new birth in the family? People are especially open to the things of God during these times of joy and thankfulness. They just have to be reached out to.

That’s all. Most of the time, though, we miss God’s golden opportunity to do the very thing He left you on earth for. He could’ve called you home to Heaven right after saving you. But, instead, He left you here to help other people.

In Jeremiah 8:20, the prophet realizes that his people missed their time to reach out to their time of fun, rest, relaxation and enjoyment, and they didn’t use it for God.

The time to help people is now. 2 Corinthians 6:2 says, “Now is the day of salvation.” Now is the time to reach people with the life changing message of good news from Heaven. People need to hear the good news that God loves them, cares about them and wants to make Himself known to them.

They need to know that they’re not left here on earth alone to fend for themselves. They need to know that God can be their “strength in the time of trouble (Psalm 37:39.)”

There’s a God in Heaven who cares about them and will help them, if they can just call out to Him in their day of trouble. He says, “Call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me (Psalm 50:15).”

People are being “destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).” They don’t know that there’s a real God who will touch their lives. And, they won’t know unless someone tells them.

You and I know that, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).” We’ve experienced His goodness over and over again, and KNOW the difference He can make in our lives.

Life is uncertain for the people in our lives. Life is also uncertain for you and me. we don’t know when we’re going to be called home to stand before the Lord of the Harvest.

The cry that Jeremiah gives, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” is the saddest cry a human soul can make. And it’s completely unnecessary. No one needs to be unsaved. No one needs to be lost in life. And, no one needs to be lost.

Commit your life and energies totally to God before the harvest ends. Live a life of usefulness and obedience. Respond to the dealings of God in your heart, so you don’t miss the time of your visitation from God.


By on October 2, 2018

How come you’re still on the earth? Obviously, because there are still things for you to do. You haven’t fulfilled your mission yet.
Sadly, many Christians NEVER fulfill their missions on earth. They fulfill their ambitions. They fulfill their dreams. They fill full their bellies. But, they don’t fulfill God’s call and purpose on their lives. And, when the day comes that they stand before the Lord to give account, they’ll be open mouthed and empty handed.

In 2 Kings chapter 7, there’s a lesson that can challenge, instruct and encourage us to be faithful and obedient. Here’s what happened:
The Syrian army had attacked Samaria. Samaria had a wall around it to keep the enemy out. So, the Syrians simply surrounded the city, and figured they’d starve the Samaritans out.

It got so bad, that the Samaritans turned to cannibalism. In fact, one lady got her friend to boil her son, and they ate him. She promised to boil her own son the next day, and share him with her friend, but went back on her word (2 Kings 6:28-29). That’s how bad things got.

In chapter 7, verse 1, God sent in a man of God to prophesy blessing and abundance to them. But, things were so bad, that they couldn’t even believe him. They had just run out of faith.

Now, outside the gates of Samaria sat four men with leprosy. They weren’t allowed into the city, because of their disease. They, too, were starving. They were sick with leprosy that was killing them, and now they were starving to death.

In 2 Kings 7:3-4, one of them had an idea. He said, “Why sit would we here until we die? If we enter the city, the famine is in the city, and we’ll die. If we go to the camp of the Syrians, they might save us. But, if they kill us, we’ll just die anyway.”

Verses 5-9 say, “And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp to the outer edge of the camp, no one else was there! The Lord had made the army of the Syrians to hear the noise of chariots, and the noise of horses, as though there was a great army.

“The Syrians said to each other, ‘The king of Israel has hired the Hittites and the Egyptians to come against us.’ So they rose in the twilight and left their tents, their horses, and the whole camp just as it was and fled for their lives.

“When these lepers came to the outer edge of the camp, they went to one tent and ate and drank. They carried from it silver, gold and clothing, and went to one tent and ate and drank. Then they went into another tent and carried the valuables out, and hid them, too.”

Note this: “Then they said one to another, ‘We’re not doing the right thing. This day is a day of good news, and we’re not telling anyone. If we keep it to ourselves, even until dawn, some mischief will come upon us. Now, let’s go and tell the king’s household…”

You and I are in a situation like those four leprous men. First off, we’re in a world where the people are being attacked by the enemy who has them surrounded. And, they’re killing and destroying each other.

Second, God has sent word to them that He would deliver them and bless them, but people don’t believe the big ministries, and just won’t listen. They don’t think God’s blessings can happen to ordinary people like them.

Third, you’re not part of their system anymore, and in many ways might be thought of as an outcast. You’re not the enemy, just an outcast as far as they’re concerned.

Fourth, you’re time here is limited. Why just sit there until you die? If you go back, you’ll die. If you do nothing, you accomplish nothing, reach no one, no one’s life is touched, and you appear before God empty handed.

What do you have to lose? Move out of that place of being a beggar and DO SOMETHING! While they still had some light, they moved out of that place of just sitting (v.5). Jesus said, “Work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work. (John 9:4).

You have to move when you still have vision. Don’t be like others who give up and let darkness overtake them. These leprous men had no idea what they were going to say when they got there. They just knew they had to go.

Sure, they entered into abundance in life, and received the blessing. God has worked thins into YOUR life as well. When you come to Jesus and begin to be obedient, He meets your needs and gives you what you need, to reach others.

So many Christians act like the four leprous men, at first. They enjoy all the blessings of God, and keep it all to themselves. They act like there’s a danger of too many people getting saved, or that God might run out of blessings they can, and never reach out to anyone else.

These four leprous men caught on to what they were supposed to do, after just a little time in having God’s blessings come into their lives. They said, “We’re not doing well. This is a day of good news and we’re not telling anybody…”

See, like you, they had friends, family and others they cared about who were dying. Nice people. Good people. People who would be destroyed by their fears and unbelief, unless someone told them about how the enemy was already destroyed.

If you’re like a lot of people, you keep waiting, putting off, waiting for a sign, waiting for God to give you a signal. But God’s waiting for YOU to move forward. He’s waiting for you to quit just sitting there and to get up and get going.

You’re blessed and living in a time of good news. It’s not good to keep it to yourself for your own enjoyment, when you have lost friends, neighbors and relatives who will die unless you tell them. They won’t believe the big evangelists and the guys on the radio. But, they’d believe YOU.

You’re blessed more than you realize. You have more of God’s blessings than you think. True, maybe some of the people have been as nice to you as they should have been downright mean and nasty to you.

But, all that changes when you have the riches that only God can give. Don’t hold your peace anymore. It’s a time of good news. It’s a time when God is bringing His word to pass and people need to know about it.

What do you tell them? You don’t have to be an expert. The four leprous men weren’t geniuses. They just told what they found and what God had done. That’s all. People could tell by looking on their faces that what they said was true.

That’s all you do. Tell them what God has done, and what you’ve found. They know you. They’ll believe you. And, God will confirm His word to those who believe and act on it.