Better Than A Magic Lamp!

By on June 20, 2017

BY: Pastor Steve Davis

When you were a kid, did you ever wish that you had a magic lamp like Aladdin’s? I did! Every time my Dad would take things to the dump, I’d go with him in hopes of finding a magic lamp with a genie in it. I could just imagine how terrific it would be to rub the lamp like Aladdin and have a genie come out to do my bidding. Sometimes when I’d be out in my backyard trying to dig my way to China (did you ever try that?) I’d be hoping that maybe I’d find a magic lamp with a genie in it buried right there in my yard. I JUST HAD TO FIND SOME WAY OF GETTING THE THINGS I WANTED IN LIFE…and if I just had a genie, all my wishes would come true!

You say, “Steve, the genie would only give you three wishes anyway.” Not for me! I had a plan: When the genie came out of the bottle, I’d become his best friend. He’d go to school with me, play with me, and I’d introduce him to all my friends. Me and him would be such good buddies that he’d give me all the wishes I wanted!


Because of not knowing (or not putting into action) this one rock bottom secret of prayer, many people’s lives follow a pathetically predictable pattern: THEY GO FROM ONE PLACE OF CRISIS TO ANOTHER WITH TIMES OF PRAYER IN BETWEEN.

You’ve probably experienced that pattern in your life more often than you care to remember. It goes like this: You’re having a problem or facing a difficult situation that won’t seem to go away. So you seek God frequently for wisdom and help. No sooner is that problem taken care of then another one shows up on the horizon.

So what happens? You’re back on your knees sweating it out and trying to get help from God. ASKING FOR HELP, BEGGING FOR WISDOM AND PLEADING FOR MERCY. And so it goes. It can become a real rut.

But now, that’s a things of the past because once you become a user of what I call the “friendship approach” to God, your problems and crises will be fewer. You’ll never find prayer a guilt-producing drudgery and, never again will you feel the frustration of just plain not having time to pray because of your busy schedule. I mean it!


By on June 14, 2017

Independence Day makes me think about how many people are driven and bound by the enemy of their souls. Many people live under the power of the devil. By that, I mean that they are living under one problem after another, one habit or addiction after another, one failed relationship after another.

Our society is filled with people living lives of torment, poverty, uncontrolled sin and fear. Jesus said that the devil is a thief and a robber, in John 10:10. He was talking about how the enemy comes to steal everything good from your life – and to ultimately steal your soul, so you go to hell at the end of a miserable life.

The thief comes to steal your faith, your holiness, your character, your marriage, your family, your health, your possessions, and your place of living. His goal is to bring you to poverty of mind, body spirit.

Luke 8:26 -28 talks about a man whose life became totally under the forces of the enemy. His life became a living hell. When the devil gets a hold of your life, that’s how it becomes – like hell on earth.

This man had lost his family, his house, his clothes, his friends, his possessions – everything! He was living in fear and loneliness and poverty.
There are Christians who don’t live much differently than that. They’re bound by their lack of zeal for the things of God, lack of faith, lack of commitment to the things of God. Jesus died for them, but they are living in spiritual poverty and weakness.

The enemy will do his level best to rob you of faith, power and spiritual zeal. If he can keep you out of Christian fellowship, hinder you from feeding on the Word of God, and discourage you in your praying, soon those little sins and habits, like weeds in a garden, will crop back up in your life.

This man who had been brought under the devil’s power was living in a graveyard. He was already living like he was dead. Then, Jesus came on the scene. The man fell down at Jesus’ feet. In other words, this man worshipped Jesus – matter of fact, even though he was controlled by devils, he worshipped Jesus more reverently than a lot of church folks do!

But, then, listen to what he said: “What do I have to do with you, Jesus, you Son of God?” That’s the way a lot of people are – “Jesus, let me be low profile, I don’t want You to pay attention to how I’m really living. Don’t examine my life too closely!”

Then, the man said, “I beg you do not torment me!” Now here this man is, miserable, naked, alone, lost and poor, but he doesn’t want JESUS to “torment” him!

That’s the kind of twisted thinking the enemy uses to hold people back and keep them under. Their families are fighting, their money isn’t stretching far enough, their jobs are falling through, but they aren’t sure they want Jesus to totally rule their lives! What do you have that’s worth holding onto?

The enemy HATES for you to draw closer to the Lord! Because, when you finally let go of trying to walk in your own strength, that’s when you can begin walking in Jesus’ strength! When you’re totally 100% faithful to Jesus, the enemy knows he’s no match for you!

But, if Satan can get you to hold back a little bit here, or cling to a favorite sin there, you’ll never be a match for the wiles of the devil!
That’s why, in the Parable of the Sower, Jesus said that after the Word of God is sown, or planted in a person’s life, the devil comes IMMEDIATELY to steal that word! He comes immediately, before it gets a chance to produce faith, before you get the chance to ACT on that faith. Before it gets a chance to deliver you from those sins and habits.

When the Word of God comes to you and you act on it, it brings power in your life. No word of God is void of power. The Bible is your key to operating successfully in the spirit realm and to receiving the blessing of God here in this life.

An old story goes like this: During an eclipse, the earth complained to the sun. “You’re not shining on me like you usually do.” The sun said, “No, I’m shining on you just like I always do! You’re in darkness because the earth has come between us!”

If you’ve lost the joy of your salvation, if you no longer feel the warmth of God’s love, isn’t it because this earth and worldly pleasures have come between your soul and your Lord? When you’re in darkness, it isn’t because the light of God has stopped shining. It’s because you’ve allowed the things of this world to eclipse the light!

The Bible calls Satan the prince of darkness. He isn’t going to Heaven and he doesn’t want you going to go to Heaven either. When you’re operating in faith, and living obedience to the Bible, you’re walking in the light.

Walking in the light puts you out of the devil’s jurisdiction; he has no authority over you when you’re walking in the light. That’s why its important to stay in Jesus’ righteousness.

Verse 30 tells us that the devil’s forces were operating in many areas in that man’s life. See, it’s very rare for the devil to just attack you in one area. It’s when you open the door in one area, that he comes in and opens the doors to other areas.

When a person is finally caught in a situation where the enemy is causing them to lose their job, or their marriage is breaking up, or they’re in the grips of lust, stealing or what have you, you can be sure the problem isn’t in just that one area or just that one incident.

That’s what you learn in verse 30. You can’t harness sin in your life. It’ll spread and destroy one area after another. One sin leads to another and they all ultimately lead to death. In James it says that we are tempted when we are drawn aside by our own lusts or desires. And those desires when they come to pass, bring forth sin, and the sin, as it grows, brings on death.

It works that way in any area you let it in. that’s the story of the death of a person’s integrity, or of the death of sobriety, or the death of a marriage, you name it. That’s how it works, as the devil appeals to a person’s in order to entice you and take away every good thing you have.
In verses 31 and 32, the devils beg Jesus to not send them back to the pit, but to let them go into some pigs instead. But, guess what happened when the devils entered the pigs: the pigs ran off the edge of a cliff and drowned in a lake!

Even pigs don’t want to live a life bound by the devil! It’s beneath the level of a swine to live the way devil would have you to live!

Verse 35 is touching to see how quickly Jesus changed the man’s life. Jesus blessed the man! The devil would have you to believe that Jesus wants to take away your life. But Jesus isn’t a taker, He’s a GIVER! He’s the biggest Giver in the universe! He said in Matthew 6:33 that when you seek the Kingdom of God first, and His righteousness, the things that you have need of will be ADDED to, not taken from, you! Jesus is an “adder to-er”, not a “taker from-er!”

In Matthew 7:11, the people weren’t sure God was a Giver and a Blesser. Then, Jesus asked about how we treat our children: don’t we give good things to OUR children? Don’t we want OUR children to do well? Then, Jesus said, “if YOU know how to give good things to YOUR children, how much more will your Heavenly Father GIVE good things to those that ask Him?”

God wants to meet your needs and deliver you from the hindrances of the enemy.
The people who knew the man could right away see the blessing of God in his life. He was clothed and finally in his right mind! God will put you back in your right mind!

Verse 36 says that the eyewitnesses told the others “by what means” the man was delivered by a WORD of God! The word of God is what brings your deliverance.


By on June 6, 2017

The bible says in Revelation 12:11 that the saints (that’s what God calls us Believers) overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. The Bible is very clear that we overcome the enemy. It is also very clear of the two greatest tools in defeating him.

First, there’s the blood of the Lamb. It’s the blood of Jesus, that gives us the legal right to become the children of God. It is the death of Jesus on the cross, where His blood was spilled that secures our place as members of the family of God.

The second tool is the word of our testimony. That’s when we speak of the things God has done for us. God has done wonderful things for each of us. Some people spend so much time talking about what they’re NOT pleased with, or criticizing other people, that they rarely get around to talking about what God has done for them. People like this are easily overcome by the enemy!

When you talk about what God has done, it helps you to overcome the enemy in three ways. First, it builds YOUR faith, to hear yourself speaking the things God has done for you. It’s GOOD for you to think on, and to speak of the good things God has done in your life. It’s good to call to mind the blessings God has bestowed on you. It helps you to get a perspective on what God is doing, rather than wallowing in your own problems and life’s injustices.

Second, when you speak about the good things God has done, it strengthens other Believers. Sometimes, when a person is feeling beat down and discouraged, they just need to hear that God is still alive and is blessing someone!

Your testimony, whether it’s the testimony of how Jesus came into your life, or a testimony of protection, guidance or of an answered prayer can ignite a fire of faith in someone else whose light is growing dim.

Many times, when I feel worn out, or overwhelmed, someone will call me to share something wonderful that the Lord has done for them. It just blesses me to hear how God did not leave them in a place of despair, but how He brought them a season of refreshing! When that happens, it’s not long before my own spirit is soaring and recharged!

You can help people and reach out to people and help them overcome the enemy and his defeatist attitude. Here’s how:
Our program is what’s called an “intimate” program. It’s not a broadcast of a church service, and it isn’t a Gospel concert. It’s a one on one type ministry. We’re fishing for those people who like God but don’t like church. People who need a hand, a boost, someone to life them up.

When they watch TV and see or hear of marvelous testimonies about God turning people into millionaires, or making them the heads of major corporations, it blesses them, but it doesn’t touch them!

See, God has called us to reach regular, everyday working people. We thank God for the ministries that reach the rich folk and the country club set, but God called us to “fish off the other side of the boat;” to reach people that the other ministries are missing. People who might not relate to (or even want to) be head of a major corporation. They just want to be able to find a job to put a little food on the table. Or, for God to help them stop smoking, drinking or doing drugs. These are people who would be pleased to know that God still hears that heart’s cry of regular, normal people like you and me.

I’m looking for people we can interview, who have been touched by this ministry. Maybe you came to know the Lord here. Or, were taught how to use your faith, and your life has changed. Maybe you receiver a healing in answer to prayer made through this ministry. It could be that God has done for you through this ministry, it could help someone else along the way.