Moving into the Place Where Life is Sweet Without Budging an Inch

By on May 22, 2018

Throughout the Bible, God gives us some vital keys to feeling alive and empowered…keys that will unlock the door to having an enabled, triumphant life. The life-changing key to changing how we live, how we act and how we feel has to do with WHAT we say, and HOW we say it. He tells us a way to use language so that it brings sweetness to life.

God tells us HOW to use what we say as a way to move into the place where life IS sweet. He gives us the dynamics to move ourselves emotionally, to strengthen ourselves spiritually and to add richness to our lives.

See, the way we habitually speak and word things can add either incredible richness to our lives or can keep us devastated and wiped out. God tells us to choose how we use. Power either for magnified good or for multiplied problems.

EXAMPLE: If we describe a thrilling experience as “not too bad,” we lose some of the impact of what really happened. On the other hand, if when we’re merely inconvenienced we have the habit of saying that our “day was wrecked,” that we’re “dying inside” because of such a “tragic” turn of events, we end up not only FEELING worse, but actually imagining ourselves to be victims of random strikes of the cruel hand of fate…(Hmmm, where was GOD during all this?!)

POINT: Most of us have MORE words for what’s WRONG in our lives than we do for what’s right. If we look in a thesaurus, we’ll find roughly twice as many words describing NEGATIVE emotions as we do POSITIVE ones. Words like “anger, irritate, annoy, infuriate, enrage, gloom, discouragement, humiliation, sadness, down-heartedness, despondency, despair – and only half as many words to describe such positive feelings as “happy, cheerful, sunny, enjoyable, rejoicing, inspiring.” That’s why it’s easier to feel bad than it is to feel good!

POINT: Have you ever noticed how people who spend time together not only tend to FEEL similar feelings, but also get more and more alike in how they DESCRIBE their feelings? We not only adopt similar emotional patterns from the people we spend time with, but we adopt some of their habitual WORDING, as well?

According to example in the Bible, how we FEEL about things has to do with how we DESCRIBE them to ourselves.

EXAMPLE: If someone rejects me because I’m telling them about how Jesus brought hope and meaning into my life, I CAN feel rejected and alone. That is, IF I tell myself that I did a lousy job of talking about Jesus, and also that He didn’t back me up when I was sharing my faith.

OR, I could feel unhappy and excited. I could “rejoice and be exceedingly glad, knowing that I have a great reward in Heaven, because that’s how they treated the prophets in the Bible days.” (Mat. 5:12) How I feel about it, whether it’s a positive, a FAITH-BUILDING experience, or a NEGATIVE, FAITH-WRECKING experience hangs whether I use the tools God gives me in the word, or the ones that I learned growing up.

POINT: How we feel about our lives, our salvation, our family, our church and our God, all these, whether our life is a happy and satisfying one or an existence of disappointment and frustration depends on whether or not we use the tools God gave Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Daniel, Isaiah, Jesus, the Apostles, etc,…

Most of us haven’t CONSCIOUSLY chosen how we think, feel or respond to what’s going on around us. We deal with some things like our parents did. Then, there are other things we pick up from people we like on TV. Other ways of describing what’s going on comes from our friends. This is why there’s such a surplus of ‘barroom wisdom’. (Have you ever noticed that the ‘experts’ at barroom wisdom rarely are successful in the areas they tell you how to run your life in?)

On the other hand, by making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to adjust a few key words and phrases, people from all walks of life have been able to enjoy happy, productive and positive lives – even in the midst of hassles and problems.

I’ll share with you how, by using this power tool from the Word of God, the EXACT same experience that USED to leave me feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and drained, NOW actually ENERGIZES me? How that NOW it brings out what’s SWEET about life…the EXACT same situation! Just now, the EFFECT it has on me is INVIGORATING!

We’ll explore how to simply CUT OUT certain factors that cause us to be overloaded, upset, angry, depressed or insecure, and to REPLACE THEM with ones that tend to ENERGIZE us; ones that STIMULATE us; ones that INTENSITFY our sense of what God’s doing in our lives.

You’ll discover WHY we keep feeling the same negative feelings over and over again. And, be prepared to cut them out of your life forever.

Can words CHANGE your life? You bet! Can they affect your biochemistry? Absolutely! We’ll even EXPERIENCE it together in a pleasant 40 second “experiment”. (Don’t worry, it won’t be fattening!) But you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that SIMPLE adjustments in words and phrases CAN affect your body and feelings!

We’ll bring to light WHY some people are sick regularly… Why some are rarely ill…and also why many get healed. It’s in the Bible. And, it’s easy to grasp.

You’ve come too far to turn back now…Here’s how to hang in there so it will have all been worthwhile!

By on May 8, 2018

By Pastor Steve Davis

You’ve probably been through more than your share of pain and grief…and rejection. Times when you meant well, but were totally misunderstood. Times when you felt so utterly beaten that you felt like throwing in the towel.

Times that left you reading your Bible through a veil of tears…and you were crying out to God NOT out of your fullness, but out of your emptiness and despair. But, somehow God brought you through it. Maybe not in a spectacular way, but He brought you enough strength to at least be able to survive. He WAS TOUCHED BY THE FEELINGS OF YOUR INFRMITY and was moved by your determination to be faithful, no matter what.

BE FOLLOWERS OF THEM WHO THROUGH FAITH AND PATIENCE INHERIT THE PROMISES…Being faithful and being determined is what it takes, if you’re going to have any kind of life at all as a Believer. When you believe God, no matter HOW you feel and no matter HOW tired you are, you’ll be persistent.

LET GOD BE TRUE AND EVERY MAN A LIAR…Trusting God no matter what is the key to coming out on top despite obstacles, hardships, pain, opposition, rejection and plain old “hard luck”. Obviously, the ability to trust God and be faithful to Him is a trait that isn’t displayed by the average Christian hanging around the churches today. One stubbed toe and he goes whining that God has let him down and the Gospel doesn’t work.

ENDURE HARDNESS AS A GOOD SOLDIER OF CHRIST JESUS…This crybaby attitude of so many people in the churches explains why some are great starters, but drop out after only a year or two. They’re like the seed that’s planted in rocky soil – it springs up readily, but when the sun comes out on a hot day, it withers and dies. It hurts that there are so MANY who SAY they want to be disciples, but chill out when hit with a little temptation – or if someone tells them “no!”

Part of the GOOD news about the otherwise discouraging age we live in is this: You and I can be sure that God is more than able and totally willing to get involved to help us when times of trial and testing come. HE’S NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH. And, He’s WILLING TO SHOW HIMSELF STRONG ON BEHALF OF THOSE WHOSE HEARTS ARE PERFECT TOWARDS HIM…for us and His power to the universe. Just to help people like you and me!

Christians who don’t last very long tend to feed the carnal, or natural mind almost exclusively. TO BE CARNALLY MINDED IS DEATH…Soon they lose their “saltiness.” They’re like cheap, off-brand canned vegetables that you have to rinse the salt out of before devouring. All it takes is a couple of minutes under hot water and all the saltiness is gone! Satan likes to rinse the salt off of those HE wants to devour, too!

All it takes is a little shower of trials and problems, and this kind of “Christian” is off whining, moaning and crying…wondering where God is. The problem is that they’ve allowed their thinking to be shaped by the society (if you can call it that) we’re living in. A society that encourages people to be soft, lazy, incompetent and to crumble when the pressure is applied. That’s why they’re such easy targets for depression and fear, depression and “loser” thinking.

Neither you nor I in ourselves, that is in the natural, have much strength. We get afraid to stand firm, knowing that some people are going to disapprove of us and reject us. We’ve experienced too much of the pain that comes when people start rumors about us, or just start ignoring us because we’re different, or don’t fit in with the group anymore. SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU, BUT YE ARE WASHED…

That’s why we need the help of Jesus on the inside of us to help us to fight the good fight until the finish. People might laugh at us. They might shake their heads. They might fume in anger and resentment. They might get jealous of our love for God, and envious of His blessings in our lives.

God has promised to help us and to even reward us for being stable and drawing our strength from Him. But we have to do our part – we have to be faithful and hang in there until God comes through in the nick of time and works His wonders.

If we’re going to have great things happen in our lives, we have to WANT God to be at work in our lives – badly enough to endure the pain and problems that go along with choosing a life of excellence.

ALL THOSE THAT LIVE GODLY IN CHRIST JESUS SHALL SUFFER PRESECUTION…When we start making headway for God, we it’s easy to forget that we’re stirring up a hornet’s nest of opposition. It’s our very rightness that opens u the can of worms in the first place. A sure sign that you’re on the right track is when you’re met with resistance from those who are close to you.

Attaining Peace of Mind, Cleansing and Confidence

By on May 1, 2018

“In the world ye have tribulation, but be of Good cheer, I have overcome the world…in me ye have peace.”

We all live in the same part of the country, in the same time and economy. We have the same news, the same tv programs, and so many of the same problems in common. In the midst of the troubling times we live in, times when so many people are discouraged, defeated and in despair, there are also thousands of people who hearts are filled with peace. Peace of mind; peace of spirit; peace of soul.

What could the secret be…when one person can’t sleep night after night-yet her neighbor gets a full eight to ten hours of sleeping like a baby, and waking up refreshed, enthused and ready to take on the new day?

The basic secret lies in a choice that each and every one of us makes. What we think on…what we meditate or focus on. The contented, peaceful person lives in the same world as her uneasy and discontented neighbor. Where their lives get worlds apart is on the inside.

IT’S TOUGH TO CHANGE OUR UPSETTING THOUGHTS TO PEACEFUL ONES…BUT NOT AS LIVING A MALCONTENTED BITTER LIFE. Changing our ways of thinking DOES take effort…but it’s a lot easier than staying shattered and heartbroken at the way our lives are going.

Breaking all the rules that lead to happy peaceful life makes for a difficult life. The Bible words it like this: “THE WAY OF THE TRANGRESSOR IS HARD.”…
Living a life of peace on the inside, living a life ruled by the PRINCE of Peace on the inside…allowing HIS gift of peace to rule your heart by faith.
The hardest thing I found in gaining peace of mind was learning how to accept the relaxed attitude that comes when we accept the gift of the peace of God.
That’s what that word, “grace” is all about. In the Bible, the word for grace means, “that which brings sweetness to life; that which makes life sweet.”
If we’re ever going to live godly, that is a GOD quality of life that GOD CREATED us to live, we’ll have to be the kind of people that God created us to BE. That means getting rid of the OLD ways of thinking and doing and making room for the NEW. PUT OFF THE OLD MAN AND PUT ON THE NEW…EPHESIANS.
A. In the area of having the kind of atmosphere in our spirits that the Holy Spirit can work in, we have to get into the habit of emptying ourselves…of our fears, angers, worries, doubts, guilt’s and regrets.

I find that I at least have to do this at least two or three times a day. HERE’S HOW: Jesus said “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU.” And, COL, EPH says that “YOU HAVE BEEN TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF HIS DEAR SON.” I simply think of the thoughts that are in the Kingdom of God…is HATRED there? NO! And, I kick it out. FEAR?…WORRY?…DOUBT?…ENVY?…ANGER?…JEALOUSY?…GUILT?…AND I KICK THEM OUT!
The reason I have to do it 2 or 3 times a day is because as soon as they’re kicked out, they hunt for a way to disguise themselves, and within a matter of hours, the same ones or others will try to sneak back in.

Making a conscious effort at emptying your inner self to these kinds of thoughts and feelings brings you a sense of IMMEDIATE relief and peace. LET’S TRY IT!

It’s similar to the feeling you can sometimes get when you have a close friend or confidant that you can talk to when you need to get something off your chest.

I picture them as bad, mean people, literally being thrown out the gate of my walled city, and told never to return, and then locking the door behind them. I then tell my guards to watch for them at the door, because I KNOW they’re going to try to sneak back in.


Others I’ve talked to about dealing this way with the thoughts and feelings that try to rob them of peace of mind do other things: One says he simply counts them as “dung” and flushes them down the toilet. Another sees herself throwing them out of her house and slamming the door. You might want to put them in a barrel and throw them over the Niagara Falls…A RED Niagara Falls, putting them under the blood of Jesus! Or send them into space…Whatsoever works for you. Even as the Apostle Paul said it like this, “THIS ONE THING I DO. FORGETTING THE THINGS WHICH ARE BEHIND, I PRESS ON TOWARD THE MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS.” He saw it as putting them behind him and leaving them…getting further away from them…till they were too far away to touch or come back to disturb him any longer.

Just getting rid of unwanted thoughts, words and attitudes 2 or 3 times a day isn’t enough to fill you with the peace of mind and serenity that’s yours as a child of God. SOMETHING’S GOT TO REPLACE THOSE OLD UNHAPPY THOUGHTS; otherwise they’ll come right back…and bring some of their even more unhappy friends with them!

So, immediately, you want to start filling yourself with the positive and empowering promises that are in the Word of God. That way, when your old thoughts come back to haunt you, they’ll find they’ve been replaced – there isn’t room for them any longer.

They WILL keep trying to come back at first – don’t get me wrong! They’ve been at home in you for so long, and you’ve been so friendly to them, and they’ve running the show for so long, they won’t give up without a whimper. “CASTING DOWN IMGINATIONS…TAKING EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE…”

But as the new, powerful and wholesome thoughts from the Word of God take root and become stronger and at home in you, the very power of the Word of God on the inside of you will be enough to drive them away, and before long, you’ll have a mind that’s filled with righteousness peace and joy. “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS RIGHTEOUSENESS PEACE AND JOY IN THE HOLY GHOST…”

B. In the same way that you INTENTIONALLY rid yourself of unwanted thoughts, you have to INTENTIONALLY call to mind wholesome and peaceful, whole and that life was good. Times when you’ve experienced personally the hand of God in your life. Times when the sheer beauty of some part of God’s creation swept you up in its awesomeness. These kinds of thoughts will working your heart and mind like medicine…” A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE MEDICINE.”
C. Speak out loud peaceful, confidence and faith inspiring words…I like to use those from Psalm 23. “He leadeth me beside the STILL waters…He restoreth my soul…” He anointeth my head with oil…I use this to LUBRICATE my mind and my thoughts with peace and faith from God. What I’m sharing with you is one of the most simple and most effective ways of getting peace of mind, cleaning and confidence. I’m no smarter than you, I’ve just been a little more desperate at times.

You can use the 23 Psalm over and over again at night, to get yourself to sleep and to sleep well. Repeat the verses that speak to your situation the most. You can use the 91 Psalm the same way.


D. Other ways are:
• Keep your volume and tone of voice peaceful, clean and confident. Illustrate how you CAN’T be peaceful if nervous, high-strung loud and upset!
• Start each day as we said last time by affirming peaceful, cleansing and inspiring words. Instead of, O God, not another day! I like THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE…I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT! I start it with God, affirm that the day is a GIFT from Him and that I WILL find causes to be happy and rejoice during the next 24 hours!

• Avoid negative, depressive and argumentative people or conversations. Negative, angry and depressing conversations affect everybody around them…and all the other people feel a sense of annoyance, or at least the sense that something is definitely wrong.

• Get a time of daily silence. At least 15 minutes a day. It will definitely build your faith. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Silence builds faith, it also gives you time for God to speak to you and give you inspired thoughts and ideas. It gives you the opportunity to enter into what the saints of other centuries referred to as “the rest” of God.

At last factor I want to mention in the area of building a life of peace of mind, cleanness and confidence is in the area of dealing with guilt. We all struggle with it at times. When we’ve committed a sin and the sense of guilt just won’t seem to let go.
There’s a part of the human mind that carries around what we would call “unfinished business.” It stores all the things we’ve done that we shouldn’t have done as well as promises we’ve made that we’ve never kept…things like this. In modern