by on September 5, 2017

1 John 3.1-3 – What an incredible amount of love God has for us! After all the things you’ve done! He lets you be associated with His Name. He calls you “His son.” He is totally linked with you. He has given you His Spirit.

Rom. 8.15 – He has adopted you. We approach Him as “Father”. His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are his “offspring.” You are not an orphan. You are heirs. You are entitled to things of God as Jesus is. Take your place in the house of God.

2 Pet. 1.4 – Partake of same nature of God. The Jews knew how to WAIT but not RECEIVE. He is the God of NOW. We want God NOW. A trick of the Devil is “God can’t help you NOW.”

John 8.41 – “You have the nature of your father, the devil. If God were your father, you would believe Me.” Like produces like. When God is your father, you get a Godly nature, love, compassion, you see people as Jesus did, see the GOOD in people. Some “Christians” see only BAD. That is “religious”. JESUS SEES GOOD and builds on it. He gives you positive things to do. KEEP NEAR JESUS instead of learning many things you cannot do. It is easier to serve Jesus. You know people by their fruits – is there love and compassion?

John 14.10 – “I do the works of My Father”. When you are saved, the Spirit comes in. “What I do, He’ll do also”. You need to get into the Word and get programmed WHAT YOU CAN DO. The FATHER does the works. What you focus on, you see. Some people see nothing but sin. Sometimes they become leaders in the church. To the pure, all things are pure.

They don’t see sin everywhere. Jesus was the teacher of RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS, AND PURITY.

Rom. 3 – the “sin chapter.” “All have sinned.” “None is righteous.”

Gal. 5.18 – “You are not under Law.” Rom. 3 is to those “under Law.” 3.20 – no one is righteous UNDER LAW. 3.28 – man is justified by FAITH apart from Law.

Focus on righteousness, good, not sin. If you always see sin in people, you can’t love them. If you don’t love people, you are of the Devil. Some fundamentals won’t speak to others. How can they love? Most Christians like to sing, give money to the church and poor, but don’t help others. They come to be FED, not to give and distribute and help others. Some people go to people instead of to the Father for help.

Heb. 4.16 – Go to the throne of grace. He invited you to come, boldly. Say, “I did stupid things, I need forgiveness and cleansing.” Christians who don’t learn that, cannot handle problems, always have problems.

John 10.24 – “My Father is greater than all.” God can deliver anybody, dope addict, etc., if they release that thing and come to the Father.
Heb. 7.25 – Jesus can meet all your needs. Many don’t enter into that rest. Heb. 4.11 – you have to labor to enter a vacation. Labor to enter into rest of Jesus – that’s real rest. If they enter, they have peace, righteousness, confidence forever. God is your source – not job and not the government. Job may be channel, but God is the source. You will have quietness of Spirit. Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and other things will be added.

2 Pet. 1.3 – You’re given all things pertaining to this life.

Jas. 1.22 – Be doers of the Word. John 6.63 – Words are the spirit of life. Phil. 1.11 – Be filled with fruits of righteousness through Jesus Christ.

Say, “I will see righteousness, speak it, stand on the Word of God.”


Pastor Steve Davis is the Lead Pastor of The Worship Center® Community Church. He is a lover of the Word of God and loves to help people learn the Word, apply it to their everyday lives and then rejoice with them as God's changes begin to happen in their lives! He grew up in Southern Maryland, studied for the ministry at Asbury College in in Wilmore, Kentucky. That is where he met his future wife, Linda. Steve and Linda have three grown kids - meaning three adult offspring - and have ministered with Operation Mobilization for four years, He has served as a Chaplain with local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies. The Worship Center grew from a home Bible study into the church it is today as the Lord sent people who wanted to have more of Jesus and more of the Word of God working in their lives. Pastor Steve says, "Few things make me happier than to find someone who wants to give their whole heart and life to the Lord, and who wants to follow Him wherever and however He leads them! The Lord is always searching for people like that, and so am I!"