When you feel like you don’t have what it takes to face what’s set before you…

by on January 2, 2018

I was reading about where Jesus was teaching one day, and there were 4,000 people gathered to hear Him. Then, Jesus called His disciples to Him, and told them that He wanted to FEED the multitude. Well, that’s normal. Jesus cares about people and wants them to be taken care of. But then, he sprung a BIG one on the disciples. He asked them how much food THEY had! He expected THEM to provide what He needed to feed the multitude!

If you’re like me, you can relate to how the disciples must have felt. It seems like Jesus expects us to do the impossible…and with so little to work with at times!

The disciples didn’t have very much to offer. They had exactly SEVEN loaves of bread. For 4,000 people. In fact, they KNEW they didn’t have what it takes to feed the multitude.

We feel like that sometimes; like we don’t have what it takes compared to the demands and expectations that are put on us. It gets to be too much. But they gave their 7 loaves to Jesus anyway.

And, when their little bit was put into Jesus’ hands, I noticed that Jesus was THANKFUL for that little bit. He blessed it and then it WAS enough to feed the multitudes…

When you GIVE what you have to Jesus…when you commit it to Him, He’s able to MULTIPLY it, and make it so that it MORE than meets the need.

Now, if the disciples had held onto their bread, there wouldn’t have been enough for the 12 of them. They had to let go of it, to take a chance with it. You have to USE what you have, and your need will get met, as well as the needs of those around you.

By the way, Jesus didn’t take their loaves and turn them into a bunch of New Testaments and pass them out to the hungry multitudes. Their need was food, and He gave them food. He meets you where your need is, not somewhere else. Later in the same chapter, Jesus and the disciples are making a boat trip. And the disciples forgot to bring bread. Then, Jesus told the disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.

THEY thought He said it because they forgot to bring bread with them for their journey. (There was only 1 loaf on board.)

Jesus had made a statement, just a simple statement and the disciples immediately felt like He was criticizing them. They put themselves under condemnation. Just like you and I do.

So, Jesus asked them some questions. He asked them WHY they thought He was criticizing them. THEN HE ASKED THEM SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT THEIR VISION AND THEIR HEARING.

Here’s what He was saying, “Your LACK isn’t your problem. Your problem is with your SEEING and HEARING. That’s the problem – what you’re looking at and what you’re listening to. The problem WASN’T that they only had one loaf of bread. If 7 loaves were enough to feed 4,000, than 1 loaf was certainly enough for 12 disciples and 1 Master!

The problem isn’t with your LACK, it’s with your SEEING. With that you’re looking for…You’re looking for how short you’re falling, how much you’re missing it by, and all the bad things that are happening to you and the rest of the bad things that you see are heading your way.

Reminding them of when He fed the 4,000 with the 7 loaves, Jesus asked them, “Did we run short, or did we have enough and THEN some? YOU tell ME. How is it that you don’t understand? WHEN GOD IS IN SOMETHING, IT GETS BIGGER AND IT BECOMES WHAT YOU NEED IT TO BE. MY FATHER IS A GOD OF ABUNDANCE.

Don’t you know the law of the Spirit? Didn’t you learn that our God gives more than enough? More than the minimum? That MY God supplies your need according to His RICHES, not according to your need? That His supply ISN’T based on how small your need is and how LITTLE: He can get by with giving you, it’s based on HIS greatness and HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

Jesus is saying here, in light of the feeding of the 4000 with 7 loaves of bread, “Don’t you understand that your CIRCUMSTANCES aren’t what limits you? Didn’t you SEE that what happens in the natural is a RESULT of what’s happening in the spiritual? Didn’t it SPEAK to you at all when you heard me give thanks for the little that we had, and then I fed the 4,000? And, didn’t you understand why the Pharisees are so fruitless once you heard the way they talk?”

When Jesus took the 7 loaves, He wasn’t seeing that He didn’t have enough: He saw the abundance that there is in the spirit realm. He could see that even the little they had is ENOUGH, when it’s mixed with faith.

A lot of your problems can be coming from the way you see things – your life, your circumstances, the other people in your life, and even how you see God.

What you see is determined by what you are looking for and where you stand. When Adam and Eve were standing in the presence of the serpent, they were looking for what God had withheld from them and they saw that they were naked. They were in the middle of paradise and all they could see was what they didn’t have. The more you see what you don’t have, the less you’re going to have. Next thing you know Adam and Eve had nothing.

On the other hand, God told Abraham that if he could see it, he could have it. What you are able to receive is relative to your vision. (Gen. 13:15) God told Abraham, “All the land that you see, you can have…” That’s why God wants to increase your vision, to enable you to begin to SEE the possibilities, and then the opportunities that are before you. If you don’t SEE it, you won’t receive it.

That’s why where there is no vision, people perish…they SEE nothing, they receive nothing and they die. You might be dying right now. You just can’t see any way out, you can’t see how things could be any better. GOD WANTS TO TOUCH YOUR EYES AND GIVE YOU VISION…SO YOU CAN START SEEING AND THEN START RECIEIVING WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SEEING.


Pastor Steve Davis is the Lead Pastor of The Worship Center® Community Church. He is a lover of the Word of God and loves to help people learn the Word, apply it to their everyday lives and then rejoice with them as God's changes begin to happen in their lives! He grew up in Southern Maryland, studied for the ministry at Asbury College in in Wilmore, Kentucky. That is where he met his future wife, Linda. Steve and Linda have three grown kids - meaning three adult offspring - and have ministered with Operation Mobilization for four years, He has served as a Chaplain with local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies. The Worship Center grew from a home Bible study into the church it is today as the Lord sent people who wanted to have more of Jesus and more of the Word of God working in their lives. Pastor Steve says, "Few things make me happier than to find someone who wants to give their whole heart and life to the Lord, and who wants to follow Him wherever and however He leads them! The Lord is always searching for people like that, and so am I!"