When You’ve Lost Your Cutting Edge and “zip” in life. Here’s where to find it…!

by on April 10, 2018

I was beat. I’d spent the day helping people with drug problems, emotional hassles and marriage entanglements. Grueling schedule changes and phone calls had pushed my stress levels to the limit. No way would I be able to meet all the expectations that had been laid out for me. I had letters to answer, phone calls to return, people who needed a visit, and a family waiting for me at home. Plus, a newsletter to get out. (I know…I’m the guy who puts the most pressure on myself.) I was sitting there thinking how the day had STARTED out great; but somewhere it went sour. I just didn’t know WHERE or WHEN…I was tempted to just throw in the towel and call it a day. But just then I felt an inner urge to just chill out and meditate for a while.

I realize that the way I was feeling about my day is the way that a lot of people feel about their lives. They start out great, and somewhere their lives go sour. They lose their joy and just throw in the towel…
Then I remembered the old story about John Demoe: One night John Demoe’s friend Bob is walking home and he sees John Demoe frantically crawling on his hands and knees at the base of a streetlight. “I dropped my house key, and can’t find it anywhere,” John Demoe explained. So, Bob gets on his hands and knees and starts looking for the key along with John Demoe.

After several minutes, Bob says, “This is fruitless, John Demoe. Are you SURE that you dropped the key here?”

“Oh, no! I dropped the key over by my doorstep.” John Demoe replied. Bob’s incredulous: “Well if you dropped your key over there by your doorstep, then why aren’t you looking for it over there?”

“Because it’s dark over there,” John said. I’m looking HERE because this is where the light is!”

If you’re like me, you can relate to John Demoe. You’ve probably done the same thing. You take a wrong turn in your life and drop the keys. Then you start searching everywhere else EXCEPT where the keys are. And you end up locked out of life and crawling on your knees.

There’s a story in the Bible that has an answer for us when we get in that kind of situation in life. The prophet Elisha went to visit the School of the Prophets, where the students were working on adding a new wing to the building.

Some of them were out in the woods cutting down lumber for building materials. Suddenly one of them has an accident. The axe head flies off the axe that he had borrowed and it landed in a stream. So, not only would he not be able to keep building, now the student was in trouble – and in debt!

That’s exactly how I felt that day! I was trying my hardest to help out – to build people’s lives. Then, I got to the end of the day and I didn’t have this newsletter finished. I hadn’t had supper, hadn’t seen my family all day and the kids would already be in bed asleep. I felt awful. I had run out of steam and felt like I was in trouble!

So, what do you do when you’ve run out of steam, are out of time and have nothing to show for your efforts?

The first thing you do is to REALIZE that you have lost something. Some people are so busy that they don’t even grasp that the handle has flown off their axe. They’ve lost their cutting edge and don’t even realize it!

They just go through the motions of their lives but don’t get anywhere. They just get tired. The second thing to recognize is the VALUE of what it is you’ve lost. See, without strength, you’ll fall. Without vision, you’ll perish. Without hope, you’ll give up. Without joy, you’ll be weak and cave in. Without an axe head, it’s a jungle.

Many peoples’ lives are exactly that. And, they’ve forgotten that it can be any different.

Third, you’ve got to DO something about your situation. ASK FOR HELP! A man of God was sent to the student just at the time when he needed an inspired answer.

I’m a man of God. God has sent me with inspired answers to peoples’ problems in life. I know that most pastors don’t talk like this. It takes boldness to say the things that I say. I can be bold because I talk to Jesus and he gives me answers for peoples’ problems. He gives me Bible answers. Solutions from Heaven that WORK when you act on them.

See, I’m not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. It’s the power of God to those that will believe it. Power to overcome your past. Power to overcome drug addiction. Power to break the power of alcoholism. Power to live a vibrant and dynamic life.

That’s why, when people come to the Worship Center, they aren’t sure at first just what’s different about it. We ARE different. On purpose. This isn’t a church for people who just want to be “good enough”. This isn’t a church for people who want to play church.

This is a church for people who want a no-nonsense walk with God, and who don’t want the game playing and hypocrisy that most churches are infamous for.

WE guarantee what is taught here. It’s Bible. And it makes sense. If you’ll ACT on what God gives you through this ministry, YOUR LIFE WILL BE FILLED WITH JOY, LOVE for JESUS and POWER AND PURPOSE. You’ll be living on the cutting edge of life and will have a walk with God that never lets up.

Anyway, when the student asked the man of God for help, he received an inspired answer. An answer that, when acted on, brought a miraculous recovery. He got back what he had lost, and much more.


Pastor Steve Davis is the Lead Pastor of The Worship Center® Community Church. He is a lover of the Word of God and loves to help people learn the Word, apply it to their everyday lives and then rejoice with them as God's changes begin to happen in their lives! He grew up in Southern Maryland, studied for the ministry at Asbury College in in Wilmore, Kentucky. That is where he met his future wife, Linda. Steve and Linda have three grown kids - meaning three adult offspring - and have ministered with Operation Mobilization for four years, He has served as a Chaplain with local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies. The Worship Center grew from a home Bible study into the church it is today as the Lord sent people who wanted to have more of Jesus and more of the Word of God working in their lives. Pastor Steve says, "Few things make me happier than to find someone who wants to give their whole heart and life to the Lord, and who wants to follow Him wherever and however He leads them! The Lord is always searching for people like that, and so am I!"