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If Salt Loses It’s Flavor, Then What Good Is It?

By on January 17, 2019

When Jesus asked this question, He wasn’t talking about the level of sodium in His food or the amount of spices and condiments that He enjoyed. No, He was talking about life and the effect that it can have on people. Specifically, how we can start out full of dreams, hope, ideals and the desire to be all that God created us to be, and then somehow lose our way. He had been saying that WE are the salt of the earth. As people who are walking with Jesus, we have a specific function to fulfill in the Kingdom of God. There are people who NEED for us to be available to the Holy Spirit, so they can be reached and helped. We, of all people need to be full of the Holy Spirit and open to His leading and promptings. ONLY as we’re being sensitive to Him.

Here’s what Jesus was talking about: When He was talking about salt, He was talking about US and our impact on other people. He’s saying that WE are the seasoning and the preservative as Believers, our job is to protect other people from that which is “tasteless”, no good and fit to be thrown away.

The point He was making. You and I DO make an impact on each person who is involved with us. By our speaking, acting, responding and other behavior, we let them know what we REALLY believe and how we really feel. They pick up on our sense of values just by being around us.

We can’t CHANGE anybody else, but we DEFINITELY influence EVERYONE else we are involved with. The word, “influence” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word that means to “inflow” or flow into. So, when we speak, act and respond to other people, what we’re doing “inflows” (through their senses) and literally influences them, even if it’s only to a small degree.

Being the Salt. When other people sense that we value our relationship with our Savior, it makes an impact on them. When they discover that we want to please Him and maintain our relationship with Him, no matter what it makes an impact on them. When they find out that we’re not willing to please THEM if it means displeasing Jesus, they sit up and take notice.

When it’s obvious that we’re happy, at peace and content, people take note. When we are easy to get along with, compassionate and give other people the benefit of the doubt, people can tell that something good is going on inside of us. These are ways that illustrate being the salt of the earth.

When we’re being salty enough, the other people in our lives get thirsty. They realize that we’re drinking water from a different well than they are and they want to start drinking that living water.

You can lose your flavor. In the same way that you can, and do, influence other people by your lifestyle, other people can influence YOU. That’s why it’s important to NOT hang around with people who are a negative influence (a “bad inflowing”).

There really ARE some people who bring out the worst in you. People whom you end up saying things you would NEVER say on your own. People who seem to be able to push your buttons to get you to do things that you KNOW are wrong.

We can’t change other people, but we CAN change what we say to them and how much time we spend with them. Face it, if you don’t want to lose the victories that you’ve fought so hard to win, if you don’t want to lose that special walk with the Lord that you’ve worked so hard to develop, you’re going to have to DO something.

To keep our “flavor”, we need to change something. I know, believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to change. You have to get rid of your old excuse list. Stop blaming other people and circumstances.

If you want things to be different, you’ll have to do thing differently. Do things differently for the next 90 days. Commit your way to the Lord, and let Him direct your actions every day. Talk differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your mouth.

Another message about the salt. Jesus was telling us something really profound when He talked about the salt. He was saying that what we become on the inside affects what happens to us on the outside. In this life and for eternity.

If the salt loses its flavor, inside change, it loses value and gets tossed out. It doesn’t get to be put in a shaker and set on the dining room table. Where salt ends up, either in the dining room, or put out on the road, melting snow, is determined by the actual makeup of the salt itself.

“Where you are and what you have at the present moment, you’ve attracted by the kind of person you’ve become.” That’s what Jesus is saying.

If you turn wholeheartedly to follow Jesus, things will change for you. You can’t change your past, but you CAN change what you believe, what you say and what you do. And, if you change, everything else will change for you. You don’t have to change the outside, just change the inside.

Work on your relationship with the Lord and your circumstances will change. If you don’t want to HAVE more, draw closer to Jesus and He’ll help you to BECOME more. If you want things to become easier, draw on His strength and many problems, ask God for wisdom, and He’ll give you the solutions you need.

Breaking Down The Walls That Hinder Your Life

By on January 9, 2019

God has a place for you in life. Why aren’t you there yet? Because there are “walls” that keep you out. You’re saved, blessed, cleansed, forgiven and called of God, but there is still a work that God is doing and things that have to happen before the walls are broken down.

It’s like the Children of Israel when being led by Moses and then by Joshua. God had called Moses to take the Children of Israel into the Promise Land, the land of Cana. That was one of the Covenant blessings of keeping the Ten Commandments.

God had promised that if His children kept His word, He would drive out all their enemies and they would possess that land. But guess what? They didn’t get into that land during Moses’ lifetime. They let doubt and unbelief keep them out.

Well into their journey, Joshua and Caleb, had spied out the Promise Land and said, “We can make it, because our God is with us.” But the people kept saying they couldn’t make it. So, it was the peoples’ doubt and unbelief that kept them out.

Instead of entering into what God had provided for them, they spent their lives wandering around in the wilderness because of unbelief.

God has shown me that many of His people are spending their lives wandering in the wilderness, missing out on what God has prepared for them, because of unbelief. Good people, Christian people who really want to serve God, are missing God’s plan for their lives because they’ve gotten in the palace where they can’t believe God could bless them anymore.

After Moses died, God raised up Joshua to lead His people into the land of Promise. He brought them to the city of Jericho. The word, “Jericho” means “fragrant, or sweet-smelling aroma”. Jericho represents that sweet place in life for you, or the good thing that God has prepared for you.

In Joshua 6:2, “the Lord said unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valor.” God HAS given you that desire He has put in your heart, but you HAVE to look beyond the walls and the forces that are trying to keep you out.

God KNOWS there are walls that separate you from your Jericho, from your place of good things coming in your life. Hebrews 9:11 says that Jesus Christ has become the “High Priest of Good Things to come.”

God has given you that calling, that gift, that desire, and you have to keep your eyes off the walls and on God, on Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of your faith. And, those walls, if you’re going to enter in, have to be torn down by acting and speaking in faith! That’s the lesson here.

There are LOTS of walls that keep people from ever entering into their place of Something Good.

A Wall of Sin can keep you out. Many times, God has already prepared that place of good and blessing for you, but the enemy keeps you indulging in some form of sin or another. It might not seem like a big or glaring sin to you, but it is enough that it keeps you weak, and in no condition to pull down the walls.

Another wall that keeps people out is the Wall of Strife. Strife comes when pride arrives on the scene. You feel like you’re not loved enough, listened to enough, and that maybe some other person is receiving the attention, or credit praise that is due to you. So, strife comes. How does it keep you from entering in? Because it causes you to have your faith in the undependability of man rather than the promises of God.

Then, there’s the Wall of Lack. Where you just can’t seem to get ahead enough financially to do or be what God has called you to do. Lack seems to be the one thing that keeps you from entering into God’s place of something good. You’d do what God put in your heart, but there just doesn’t seem to be the resources.

There are also walls of failure, walls of sickness, walls of worry, walls of confusion, walls of misunderstanding: all these keep people from entering into God’s part, then you’ll be my God. Sure, Jacob had believed in God before, but he had never given his HEART to God. And, the minute he gave heart to God, he knew God would bless him, and he also promised to bless God, by giving God ten percent of everything God gave him.

That’s something that gets you started right. When you first come to God, make a vow, make a decision, a commitment, a promise that you’re going to give God ten percent of everything God gives you.

Remember, Jacob was broke when he made his covenant to God. He didn’t have anything. This isn’t for rich people. No, you don’t have to be rich to be a blessing to God. But being a blessing to God can MAKE you rich! And, when you’re rich in God, you don’t keep it all to yourself, you have enough faith to give it, and be a blessing to others!

Jacob’s most important decision was to serve God. Then, he decided he was going to use whatever money God blessed him with to honor and bless God.
By the 32nd chapter, verse 9, it that after many years, he came back. And he had so many cows, camels, sheep, and employees that he spread out over the land. He was a very rich man, and Gold told him to go back to Bethel.

Jacob realized that all his wealth wasn’t the result of his own cleverness, but it came from the blessings of God on his life. He knew that being blessed and prospered was part of God’s eternal mercy.

That’s right, being prospered is a part of God’s mercy! Jacob said, “Oh Lord God…You said for me to return unto my country and to my relatives and You would deal well with me. But, I am not worthy of the least of Your mercies.”

God shows mercy to those who are faithful tithers!

In Genesis 32:10 Jacob says, “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast shown unto thy servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two bands.”

I’m not worthy of the least of your mercies and of all the truth which you have shown unto me. God gives inspired ideas to those who honor Him with their money. You can’t BUY inspired ideas, God GIVES them to the faithful.

That’s what God wants to happen in YOUR life. You may have nothing now. But God wants you to make Him a promise to be faithful with all He gives you.

Jacob based his promise on God taking care of him. He said, “Lord if you will surely be with me, if you’ll take care of me, then I’m going to tithe, I’m going to give You ten percent.

When I think about what God’s done for me, I realize why I owe Him even more than a tenth! I owe Him my very life! But all God asks for is my heart and ten percent of my income. Why? To reach other people, to establish God’s covenant to save the lost. And, to give Him seed to bless me with.

God’s people are the ones whom He’s trusting to finance the spreading of the gospel. Why? Because God doesn’t promise to bless and prosper His people. And if His people love money and lose their vision, they just won’t be prospered, that’s what! It’s weird to steal from God on your way to Heaven, but some people do it!

But, like Jacob, God loves you and wants to fill your heart with the reality of Heaven in your life. When you are broke, unclean, alone and scared. He wants you to know that TODAY can be a day of new beginnings for you.

This is your year to Grow, Go, Glow, Flow, and Sow!

By on January 4, 2019

What’s going to be so special about this year! When God’s books are opened concerning your life, what’ll they say about 2019? What’s His will for you? Through my prayer times, I’ve gotten a definite sensing of the kinds of growth and blessing He wants to bring into your life this year.

God has more for you than to sit on a church pew and pass the time until you go to Heaven. God wants you to do something – something that He plans to reward you for when you get to Heaven. He’s hot something for everybody to do.

So, what does God want you to do now that you’re saved, now that you’re born again?

GROW. After you’ve been born again, into the Kingdom of God, the first thing He wants you to do is to grow. When you got born again, spiritually. The Bible talks about how you grow out of your babyhood by feeding on the Word of God. 1 Peter 2:2 says, “Wherefore lay aside all malice and desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby.”

Psalm 92:12 says that the righteous person shall flourish like a palm tree and grow like a cedar tree! When you’re walking with God, His will is for you to flourish! And, He wants you to be able to grow, and increase in Him every day, every year of your life.

Part of growing is to read the Bible every day. Then, to think on, or meditate in the Bible. Pray, talk to God about what He’s revealed to you in the Word. Get acquainted with God by just taking the Bible and reading it. You say, “There’s so much in the Bible I don’t understand.” Just keep busy with what you do understand.

Another part of your growing is for your faith to grow. Romans 12:3 says that God has given to each one of us the measure of faith. We each start out with a bit of faith from Heaven to get us going. He gives you enough faith to bring you out of going to hell and to get you into Heaven. It’s enough faith to bring you out of bondage and into God’s kingdom.

How else do you grow? You find a church that teaches you the Bible. Then BE THERE to be taught the Word of God! That’s what God raised up Pastors for! To help you to grow!

Some Christians stay spiritual babies. Others grow into spiritual children. That’s a little better, but God doesn’t want you to remain a baby nor a child. He wants you to grow into a strong man or a strong woman of God.

GO. God wants you to go. Go where? Go to your own world – your family, your friends, your relatives. We go into the world around us and tell them about Jesus. Let them know that, if He could help us, He could also help them.

Go to church. Then, go to your friends and offer to bring them to church, where they can meet Jesus! Some people say, “Well, I don’t believe in going to church. I can be just as good a Christian without going to church as I can by going.”

That’s a total lie. You can’t grow in the knowledge of God without being in a good church, serving Him through the church and honoring God by the way He wants you to live.

You’ve got good news to tell people, and you ought to tell it. When my wife finds out about a sale, she’ll call everybody she can think of, and tell them about that sale! Why does she do that? Because it’s good news.

What Jesus did for you is good news, and you ought to go tell that good news. Let people know that Jesus Christ is Lord. He’s a Savior. He’s a deliverer. He can get you out of drugs and alcohol. He can change your life. He can heal your body. He can deliver you.

GLOW. He wants you to glow. Philippians 2:15, we shine as light in the darkness. We glow. Ephesians 5:18 says, “Be not filled with wine, drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit.” One translation says, “be aglow with the Spirit.”

When we have the Holy Spirit of God shine through you. If you’re moping around all sad and complaining about your troubles; looking down and criticizing people and all under the depression of the devil, you’re definitely NOT glowing!

Matter of fact, the people around you are going to wonder what’s wrong with you – and, whatever it is you’ve got, they don’t want it! But if you’ve got joy, if you’ve got peace, if you have power, they’ll be wanting to know how to get what you’ve got!

When you’re aglow with the Holy Spirit, people can tell you’ve got good news! You’ll look like you just won a million dollars…only better!
FLOW. God wants you to flow! The blessing of God comes when you flow with the leading of His Holy Spirit. Stress comes when you try taking things into your own hands. You want to be “too blessed to be stressed!” Flow in the Holy Spirit, and you’ll flow in the power if God. When God reveals something to you in His Word, Yield to it, obey Him. That’s what we mean by flowing. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and letting Him lead you.

Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and don’t be so rigid! You say, “Well, we’ve got our own schedule. We watch a little TV on Sunday evening. We play games with the kids on Wednesday night. We sleep in late on Sunday morning. We fish in good weather and go camping and visiting relatives during the weekends on the in the summer. But, other than that, we love to say we’re flowing in the Holy Spirit!”

SOW. God wants you to sow. Plant your seed so you can harvest His blessings. To operate by faith in the area of your finances. Learn how to be a giver.

It costs money to spread the Gospel. It costs money for electric, heat, Bibles, Sunday school supplies, etc. ALL of it takes money! And, that’s God’s plan! That’s Jesus’ “acid test” of discipleship.

It’s the one sure way to discover if you’re still shackled by covetousness, still gripped by the love God and His work more than the things of this life. The Bible says that a covetous person is an idolater! That’s in Ephesians 5:5. It takes money to reach the lost.

Jesus said in Luke 6:36, “Give and it shall be given unto you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over shall men give unto your bosom.” God wants you to be blessed. God wants you to take that money that is so precious to you and invest it as a tithe and as a gift in the kingdom of God. Just the first little dime out of each dollar. That’s all He asks.

Did you know, you’ll follow your money? You’ll show up where you put your money? In the past, I had a neighbor, (new at the time), building a house. He went by regularly to just look at the house and you know why, because his money was there!

You say, “I have so much trouble making myself get up and go to church.” Put your money in it, and your body will follow! Jesus said, in Luke 12:34, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

These are the basics for God’s plan for you this year. God has so much that He wants to bring into your life this year. So, get up and get going for God. Begin to grow. Begin to flow. Begin to sow.

Do those things for God; and I’ll tell you, your whole life will begin to take on those traits. It’ll grow. It’ll go! It’ll flow! It’ll be a seed sown into the Kingdom of Heaven, and bear great fruit not only in THIS life, but in the life to come!

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