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By on February 14, 2019

Many things can upset us, if we let them. Many people DO let things of this life upset them. That’s why there are so many on antidepressants, sedatives and other drugs.

I need to tell you something: There’s not a pill in the world that can make you feel happy, while thinking upsetting, depressing, angry or other negative thoughts! On the other hand, there is no negative emotional state that can get a hold on you when you have a grip on, and practice just this ONE Bible verse:

You might not have ever given it much thought, think about THIS one: You and I have the ability to think about anything that we want. Anything! It’s one thing to have an ability and it’s something else to use it correctly.

It’s important WHAT you think about. Here’s why: the thoughts that you habitually think will eventually dictate and set the course of your life. The main thoughts that you think on will determine your feelings, choices and actions. They influence how you’ll feel and what you’ll do in any given circumstance. The word “influence” means inflowing. Something that’s flowing in.


Adam and Eve began to think that God didn’t really care about them and was trying to hold them back. That allowed the enemy’s thoughts to “in-flow”, or influence them. To Garden of Eden, instead of being paradise, began to be a place of limitation to them because of the thoughts that they were holding! All they could think about was what they COULDN’T do and couldn’t be and couldn’t do and couldn’t have! And, that’s what led them to be bitter against God, taking their lives into their own hands.

Prov. 23:7 says this about a person, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.” This verse is literally true. It means that the main thoughts you hold will shape your life. You’ll become like what you think on habitually.

Since your main thoughts determine how you understand other people and things, they also interpret how you respond to these things. How you think, that’s the way you’ll be.

Change your thoughts and change your life. When your thinking lines up with the Word of God you’ll be seeing, thinking and interpreting in a way that will bring you the blessings of God on your life.

The Word is anointed with the Spirit of God, so that when your thoughts line up with it, you’ll attain happiness, holiness, more health, success and prosperity. God’s plan is for you to have a life of superior quality, or as Jesus said, abundant life.

How do we stay free from depression, anxiety and bitterness? Obey the Word. Think on these things ONLY.

Whatsoever things are Truthful: Things that line up with the Word. You can’t allow your thinking to be directed by how you feel, or by your emotions. Your emotions will misguide you – steer you wrong. They’ll lead you astray. That’s what Jonah 2:8 means what he says, “those that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” When you listen to, pay attention to, take heed to how you FEEL, or feelings that get you to act contrary to the Word, you are literally exchanging or trading your deliverance for how you feel at the moment.

This is what it means in Ecclesiastes 2:14 when it says, “The wise man’s eyes are in his head…” His mediations, his thoughts aren’t on how he FEELS, but he’s looking at what he KNOWS to be true – God’s Word.

Paul prayed this same kind of thing for us. The Ephesians 1:18 prayer is that the EYES of your understanding would be open. As God’s thoughts are replacing your thoughts are replacing your thoughts, your ability to walk in wisdom will be increased.

A common cause of emotional problems and frustration is the habit of an idle mind. “Idle” means not occupied or unemployed…a mind just roaming around with disconnected or disorderly thoughts. Thoughts just racing and bringing all sorts of things to your mind. Prov. 19:15 – “The idle soul shall suffer hunger.”

You need to harness your mind, discipline it and MEDITATE on the Word night and day. Learn how to think on the things of God. To develop the ability to focus or concentrate. Even the ability to pray, to have a good prayer life depends on your ability to concentrate and stay in the presence of God.

Whatsoever things are just: Think on things that are fair. The enemy wants you to think of all the unfairness’s in your life. All the times that people have been unfair, or treated you unjustly. God says DON’T think on those things. He says think on all the times you HAVE been treated fairly, and all the people who DO treat you justly.

If you get into the rut of thinking on all the injustices in life, you’ll not only be disobeying God, you’ll heap miseries on yourself.

Whatsoever things are lovely: You’ll never feel great if you think on all the things that are ugly and wrong. God says to think on things that are delightful and harmonious.

Whatsoever things are of good report: You have to think positive, good things about yourself, other people and God’s dealings with you.

Jesus Can Roll Away the Stone That Keeps You in Your Grave Situation

By on February 6, 2019

You know what it feels like. You feel like you’re in the dark. You sort of know how things should be, and WHERE you ought to be in life, but something keeps holding you back.

Even when you see a speck of light in your darkness, it seems like there’s always a hindrance, a blockade that hinders you from stepping out and going forward.

You need extra special help and you KNOW it. This week, release the Spirit of God to roll away the stone that seems to be sealing your life and future.

You and I don’t have to solve our problems by ourselves. We have the problem solver living on the inside of us, if we’re Believers. When you prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come into your life, He brought along with Him all of His problem solving abilities and strength.

The person who DOESN’T have Jesus in his life or her life is upset by every bump in the road and every crack in the sidewalk. The person without Jesus freaks out as soon as he or she finds something wrong with another person, or on the job, or in their church or in a relationship. So, they cop out. Jump ship. Beat feet. Bail out. Call it quits.

If you’re walking by your carnal mindset, when troubles and problems come, you enter into a real danger zone. Doubt and unbelief will cause you to become a part OF the problem. Fear will cause you to become self-sabotaging. You’ll talk and act in ways that are self-defeating. Then, you go into an emotional tailspin and go crashing to the earth…shot down in flames!

On the other hand, when you’re walking by faith, you realize that EVERY person, job, church and relationship has a problem or two. So, instead of focusing on the problem, the person walking by faith starts seeking (and finding) solutions.

When you’re being challenged by obstacles and opposition, the FIRST thing to do is to remember Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord…”

If there’s a problem or challenge in your life, you can be sure that there is something good in it somewhere. That’s a guarantee! It’s a matter of looking for it.

Once you’ve decided to believe God, that there’s some GOOD somewhere in your situation, you’re ready to divide and conquer your problem.

Let me tell you something: That stone, that hard situation holding you back ISN’T a MOUNTAIN! It’s simply a stone…a PIECE of a mountain. A LITTLE mountain, if you please. Well, Jesus gives you the power to release FAITH that MOVES those mountains! Even the LITTLE ones!

Did you realize that there might even be some GOOD in that rock, that piece of mountain that you’re experiencing as a obstruction? Odds are, that there is GOLD in that rock, in that problem.

You can ask the Holy Spirit to help dig for gold. There is DEFINITELY gold, definitely some good, in the mountains in your life. God says so, and when you’re walking by faith, you find that you literally LIVE by believing what God says, and then ACTING on it.

If you’ll keep on hammering that rock with the hammer of the Word of God, you’ll become enriched by what’s INSIDE of that problem. Even through to the natural eye, it looks like a massive obstacle…like a mountain blocking your way.

When we look at things as they appear in the natural, we become our own source of mental, emotional and spiritual poverty. The darkness and hopelessness can invade and fill up the treasure room of our hearts. It’s in those careless moments when we surrender to our doubts and fears that we open ourselves up to be robbed and spoiled by the enemy.

See, the Word says for us to GUARD, or keep our heart with all diligence, because that’s where the issues of our lives are shaped. God gives YOU the power to CHOOSE what you welcome into your heart and what you DON’T allow to enter in.

That means that YOU and ONLY you can decide what you let in, welcome, or receive into your heart.

God says, “Stay alert! Pay attention! Whatever you allow to come INTO your heart will flow OUT of it, affecting your life!”

God gives you the power to CHOOSE to allow good things, good dreams, nourishing empowering and calming things into your heart. Or you can let all those strangling, hopeless and loser-type thoughts rush into your heart and mind. Whatever you let in will direct your thinking, your efforts and your relationships.

God has put on the inside of you tremendous power. Power to dream, power to believe and power to bring those dreams into reality by inspired speaking and acting. You have the power to infuse tremendous energy from God into your thinking, speaking and acting. There’s almost no limit to the good that you can accomplish in life, if you don’t let your problems and troubles hold you back.

The Bible says that Jesus is the minister of GOOD THINGS. Good things from God to be activated in the earth. Jesus wants to accomplish the will of God in your life as it is in Heaven.

Did you ever think about what it means when Jesus was resurrected and the stone was rolled away from His tomb?

It means that, when you have the resurrection power of Jesus moving on the inside of you, that the stones begin to be rolled away from the situations that are trying to entomb, or imprison you! That He rolls away the stones in life that keep you from rising up and moving forth in power!

One of these stones is the Fear of Failure. This stone keeps you back when you are just afraid that you won’t be able to do that thing that you NEED to do. Fear of failure blocks you in by telling you that you’ll be ridiculed and laughed at if you don’t succeed. So, you decide to just hold back and play it safe and do nothing.

Jesus rolls away the stone of Fear of Failure by filling you with the faith you need and the KNOWING that you can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens you! You CAN DO IT! You CAN MAKE IT! BELIEVE in the vision God put in your heart, and act on it!

Remember this: IT ISN’T A SIN TO TRY AND FAIL! Trying to hit the target but missing isn’t a sin. Not even TRYING…well, that’s a different story! You never know if you’ve done your best until you try and find out just what you CAN do!

Another stone that needs to be rolled away is the stone of Past Hurts and Failures. If you find that, every time you start to move forward you’re blocked by a painful memory from the past, you need to get Jesus to roll away your stone of Past Pain and Failure.

Listen: YOU CAN’T GO BACK AND CHANGE THE PAST! BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE BY INSPIRED ACTIONS OF FAITH! Never repeat, NEVER allow past failures to tell you what you can and can’t do! That was THEN, and THIS is NOW! DON’T LET PROBLEMS DIRECT YOUR PATH!

Then, there’s the stone of Other Peoples’ Opinions. That’s one of the biggest stones that can keep us living with one foot in the grave. The fear of criticism and rejection by other people who don’t really understand us. They might mean well (and then again, they might NOT truly have our best interests at heart!), but they seem to have a power over us by their threatening to reject us or disapprove of us.


By on January 30, 2019

When you’re pressed down with problems, loaded with cares and overdosed with obligations, it can seem like the last thing you have time for is to read your Bible. Natural human logic would tell you that reading the Bible isn’t what you need to do – that what you need to do is to work on your problems.

Listen, thought, to what Jesus says in Mark 4:30-32. “Then Jesus said, ‘to what shall we liken the kingdom of God? Or with what parable shall we picture it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the ground, is less than all the seeds on the earth. But when it is sown, it grows up, and becomes greater than all herbs, and shoots out great branches; so that the birds of the air may nest under its shade.”

My calling and desire is to help you live successfully, righteously and victoriously in this life. And, not only to go to Heaven, when you die, but to be under the blessings of Heaven down here on earth. To do this, you have to “be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.”

Our goal is to build a body of strong Christians. The word of God is strong and powerful. These words are God-breathed. They’re alive and full of power. They’re like seeds that you put in the ground. God wants you to plant the seed of His word in your life.

You have to plant that seed yourself. It won’t jump up and plant itself. You need to do it. You don’t have to find me every time you have a need. If you find out what we’re talking about, the Word of God will grow mightily in you and prevail over your troubles and problems.

Think about how a seed works. You dig a hole and drop that little tiny seed in there. Then, you cover it up several inches of dirt. Of course, that dirt weighs probably a thousand times more than the seed.

So, your tiny little seed is lying there in the bottom of that hole, in the dark, being pressed down on by all that dirt. To the seed, it’s like there isn’t even any light! Or hope. Just darkness, dirt, mud and pressure.

But, one day, the life on the inside of that seed begins to well up on the inside of it. What’s on the inside of it? What’s on the inside of that seed begins to push its way up through that dirt and up to the surface?

Even if there are rocks and gravel bearing down on that seed, it’s going to come up! That little seed keeps pushing and growing, going up past the rocks, probing, weaving around the gravel, until it pushes itself out and into the fresh air and sunshine! Do you understand what Jesus is teaching us about God’s Word here?

What looked like the end for that seed was just the beginning! Those pressures, that darkness, those unanswered questions, those hindrances – they were not able to stop that seed buried down in the earth!

I’m telling you, there may be a mountain of pressure on you today. There may be tons and tons of sorrow and despair on you today. But, if you’ve got the Word of God in your heart, those pressures are just the beginning of God’s miracle working power in your life. There is power and strength in the Word of God that’s planted in your heart.

You might not feel like much is happening when you’re reading God’s Word, the Bible. Well, Jesus said, “it’s the smallest of all seeds. Less than all.” And I know, that to my flesh, or my natural way of thinking, just reading the Bible in the face of all your great problems, and heartaches, seems so little.

When you’re sick and tired and feeling awful, the Word of God seems real small. “By his stripes, ye were healed,” seems real small. It seems like it’s not going to do any good.

Or when you’re in debt – you don’t know how in the world you’ll ever get out. Everybody is on top of you and calling you for that money…The scripture that says, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches,” seems so tiny.

Jesus said, “It’s less than all.” Less than all. So, you may feel like the Word of God is not going to do anything for you. But I’ll tell you, Jesus said “It’s less than all, BUT…” There’s something different about seed when it’s sown.

In the parable of the sower, Jesus said in Mark 4:14-15, “The seed is the Word and when it is sown, the devil comes.” The devil doesn’t care one bit if you own a Bible. He doesn’t care if you carry your Bible with you to church, and have an extra Bible on the seat of your car, and one beside your bed!

Jesus said, “And when it is sown…the devil comes.” When you begin to plant the Word of God in your heart, the devil sits up and takes notice. He comes immediately to stop you before that seed begins to grow, and push up past all the pressures and dirt and hardness in life.
Jesus said, “He cometh immediately.” The devil gets an urgency about him when you start putting God’s Word in your heart. He might have been complacent about you before.

But when you put the Word of God in your heart, the devil begins to jump, kick, shout and do everything he can to get that Word out of your heart. Jesus said the devil comes immediately to steal the Word out of your heart. If he can just get the Word of God out of you and get you to give up on God’s Word, he doesn’t have to worry about you anymore.

Then Jesus says, when it is sown, it grows up. The Word of God inside you will grow. Don’t get upset if you can’t see it growing. The Bible says, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” “You’ve got to give it time to grow.”

It’s just like planting any other kind of seed. You put it in the ground, cover it with dirt, pack it down, and then you give it time. You just know it. And you fully except to come out there in a few weeks and see a little something coming up.

A lot of people want to go out there the next day and dig the seed up and find out if it is growing. But when you put the Word of God in your heart, you just know by faith that it’s growing.

Acts 19:20, says “the Word of God grew mightily and prevailed.” The Word of God will prevail over every trial, every trouble, every heartache, and every mountain. The Word of God will grow and prevail. Give it time to grow. Like any seed, it doesn’t become what you need it to be overnight.

Notice what Jesus said, “It’s less than all; but when it is sown, it becomes greater than all.” You will hear God’s voice in it. It will be greater than all your troubles, all your mountains, all your sicknesses, all your debts and all your problems. Everything you face. It will become greater than all.

What does it become? It becomes what God sent it for. It becomes help. It becomes strength. It becomes right thinking. It becomes health. It becomes wealth. It becomes the source for faith, for whatever you have need of.

Whatever you need, it’ll shoot out great branches. What does that mean? There will be great testimonies being heard and talked about. God helped me. God delivered me. God got me out of debt. God brought my family in. Great branches are going out everywhere.

He said the birds of the air can come and nest, or find a place of refuge in it. Your unsaved children, family and loved ones can come and find a place to get saved and give their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is also a warning. It won’t happen unless you plant the Word of God in your heart. You’ve got to underline it for yourself. You’ve got to put it in your heart yourself. You’ve got to act on it yourself.

If you do that, it will grow. And it will become greater than all. And you won’t have to call me at midnight. You won’t have to call anybody at midnight! You’ll know that you know the Word of God and you can overcome all the devices of the wicked one.

Stay in the Word of God! Come to the Worship Center where we can teach you the Word of God. Then read it yourself and learn to do what the Bible says.

It all boils down to truly letting Jesus be the Lord of your life here and in the hereafter. Wouldn’t you like to live in total health, in total joy, in total blessing forever and forever and forever? I would. And I will, because Jesus is in my heart.

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